Whoever came up with the idea that a smaller beer bottle could be made to keep it cooler was a visionary or a madman?

Who we are

Yes friends, here at La Quintonería, we believe in madness. And you know what? Madness is the spark that ignited this crazy ingenious idea to put in value in our hometown of something that so many majaretas adore, desire, crave, and well, we can not live without it: THE QUINTOS, and very fresh ones at that!

But as every idea has an inspiration, every madman has a madman for a prophet…

Inspirational characters

Who was the madman who inspired us to bring this madness to life? Well, we are inspired by the greats of history who in one way or another, in addition to being geniuses, were also considered crazy in their time.

own folly

Here at “La Quintonería”, we celebrate madness and those who dare to be different.

Our history is full of good moments, because we live life with a quinto in our hands and every quinto we serve is a tribute to innovation and a rebellious spirit. So, the next time you visit us, toast to the madness, to defying the established and to everything that makes La Quintonería the perfect place to enjoy.