History is full of great geniuses mad

The safe space for majaretas and lovers of (VERY COLD) quintos

There is a fine line that separates
the genius of madness

Give me a quinto and
I will move the world

and if you give me a route (5 quintos)
I conquered it!

Don’t leave without trying our Malaga craft beer with a touch of madness.

Artisan and Double Ipa

If you
say quinto...
I give it all up!

In the quintonería we know that the general tendency is to ridicule what is different, to reject the alternative and the unknown, to label great geniuses and artists as crazy.

There is no bad quinto,

but better accompanied

Beer, cause and solution of all our problems, perfect in all its forms (especially in quintos).

Delicious alone and with company, and speaking of company, a little company always comes in handy, doesn’t it?

Any excuse
will be good for
visit us

La Quintonería Campus (Teatinos)


Av. Plutarco, 69, 29010 Málaga


951 62 15 04

La Quintonería Canalla (Carretería)


C. Carretería, 92, 29008 Málaga


952 22 51 10

La Quintonería Majareta (Downtown)


C. Granada, 28, 29015 Málaga


952 72 09 38